You deserve my respect

Kyoto, Japan – Entering central library in Kyoto University, I felt like I was alone in the room-of-hundreds-of-people.

In the computer lap, there are so many students are studying and doing there research quietly. We can access to the internet by using our user name and password. It works quite well. Students respect each other.

Getting through a thick glass door blocking the contrary temperature during winter in Kyoto, Japan on January 2012, I walked toward the welcome desk showing my temporary library pass to the librarian to get into the house. It was about 6 o’clock in the evening and there were hundreds of students are on the go reading and doing their research. There were activities around which I could see students moving around, walking and looking for books and newspaper to read; but there was no sound heard besides whispering once a while they have something to talk.

Let’s go to the first floor. Just besides the electronic gate where students can use their library card to enter the library automatically, I walked off the right hand side stepping up on the staircase. Here come to the computer lab. Hundreds of computers, hundreds of students and lecturers are quietly focusing on their screen. Again, nothing was heard beside the sound of typing. I am so proud of Japanese students to have a habit of respecting each other while they are studying.  Look at the wall on my left had side, seeing a sign of no food and telephone in used . They can do anything with the computer including listening to music by using earphone or headphone, yet No laugh, No joke, No discussion.

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