Rean Kua, Why Private Tutoring? (Final Thesis)

A film by Tith Chandara

It’s not surprise to see many private tutoring classes in Cambodia. I am one of many students who used to receive private tutoring. Sometimes, I didn’t have money to support to pay for private tutoring; then, I borrowed money from my friends to pay the fee. Home was far away from school. A friend of mind has motorbike; he picked me up every day. I bought food for lunch at school. We would spend more on gasoline and miss some private classes at noon if we go home. That was another pressure to manage my schooling including study materials and PRIVATE TUTORING.

Since I was in high school, I had kept doubt in mind that what are the reasons to have private tutoring? Now, I have an opportunity to discover this topic by myself; and I am satisfied with the result.

Translated in to English, Rean Kua means to take private tutoring classes. Private tutoring existed in Cambodia for some reasons. Some teachers affirm to the long curriculum to teach in school; at the same time they have low salary. Then, private tutoring takes part. An high school student in Prey Veng province sells his chickens in order to pay monthly fee for private tutoring while he is the only child
among his siblings, who willing to finish his education at least high school.

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