Alone or A lot?

A story of a wanting-to-be-independent-man

In Cambodia, many people are coming from the province for the sage of searching for more education and employment. Some of them are living with their relatives while some are renting room/house and live in groups or alone.

I have been in the city for about 5 years. I was living with my sister under her supports for my bachelor’s degree. Now I got a job and I earn for a living for myself. I think it’s a good way to be independent and then I ask her to be alone. I rent a small room and pack myself there as a mouse in a little hole.


Every time I am in the room, I feel uncomfortable at all. It’s different from what I experienced abroad while I was alone. The room makes me warm enough and be able to relax well, but I just don’t understand why I am not functioning well. I’ve got a feeling of demanding more siblings to have fun with or at least just talk before saying good night. I just don’t want to come back and stay with my sister as what I promise.

I should be old enough to take care of myself, but I fell like I am failed to make it for the time being.

Besides my actual family, I’ve got a very good relationship with three other families. I set those family members in mind as my siblings and I like them from heart. That helps me in a certain way to reduce my loneliness and stress.

If you have choices between living with friends and living alone, which one would you prefer? Why? Can you share us your experiences of living alone?

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