Citizen Journalist doesn’t kill the Actual Journalist

To mark the World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2013 on the theme of “Safe to Speak” with the on-going discussion around the globe about social media and citizen journalism, it should be a chance to make myself stay late tonight for an article. As human with camera and Internet connection, you will probably become a citizen journalist.
By drafting this article, I was sitting right in the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh on a webcast on “Citizen Journalism” with a CNN senior producer/ iReport manager, Lila King live from the states department. The discussion was all about social media and its affect to each community.

There is a question goes on around the world in the age of social media and citizen journalism: “How social media affects mainstream media; so do the reporters?”

Social media is running the information age via self-created content by its users. All the users are able to report any story in a multimedia platform in text, audio, and video and even spread to the mass as many as they are connected to their audiences. Once the stories are out to public, social media users are able to get all the information quick and costless than buying the newspaper or spend time on radio or TV. Remembering this advantage, social was playing a huge role for Boston bombing and many other disasters. Actual reporters and news organization couldn’t break the scoop. As we recognize the important of social media in this age; do you thing social media will suffer newspaper, radio and TV?

I used to think it would be problem for the mainstream media, yet I’m happy to have such opportunity to have this platform, which is a potential contribution to mainstream media to develop their stories. News agencies don’t have their reporters everywhere; citizen journalists are everywhere.

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