Social media illiteracy drives battles in Cambodia Election

​​​By Tith Chandara

There is enormous political engagement by social media citizens within the stage of electioneering campaign for the Cambodian National Election this year; yet, social media seems to be the only room to check and balance information.

The engagements of some social media users in Cambodia; outstandingly on Facebook, in supporting their favorite party is on some ways unethical and violent while harsh words, aggressive responses and fake graphic designs are discovered since the campaign started. Users share pictures, graphics without checking for confirmation on sources, though they know sometimes the information is not (yet) official. Absolutism in supporting own party is now too much into war of wording and it’s possibly reach to actual conflicts.

The online clashes is driving concerns that it’s going to pave the ways for unethical manner in the future if this still out of action to be taken. Because anyone can post their stories, this technology is shifting the power away from editor, publishers, etc. The power is in people’s hand, which gives advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Education on media ethics, the know-how of encoding/ interpreting information and techniques to response in proper manner should be conducted. This can be inspired at schools, universities or any sharing forum.

Social media literacy is not something about to understand how to use modern technology like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media platforms via computer, phone, tables etc.

Knowing how to use this platform is called digitally literate. As we are on the stage of digital literacy, this opportunity brings us new chance to develop own image in business and public relations to the mass. Using technology in a proper ways, it reflects you a proper results.

The following images are some announcements on facebook taken after the election:





Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.37.58 PM


2 thoughts on “Social media illiteracy drives battles in Cambodia Election

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