Don’t Blame Social Media, Blame Local Media

By Tith Chandara

Social media is getting more powerful because people get less trustworthy information from local media.

Facebook doesn’t kill anyone or spoil any state; it’s because of its users or the society itself coercing the users to make it. Citizens expect the media to carry them trustworthy information and what’s the move in their community, yet they are able to perceive only partial of reliable news or event less than that.

We understand that media institutions have their own rights to pick up what to report, but this should work according to the needs of their publics not the greed of someone or an institution. The one-side report (pro-government media) is a failure to be an independent media or to call as media. This should be called as a medium of public relations for a certain individual or institution. Too much agenda setting for citizens is also a failure. People are getting shrewder to decide what is good and what is bad. Agenda setting can be done only at the early-born society. For Cambodia’s case, we are very much ahead than this stage. It’s been more than 30 years that we are living in a new life after the Khmer Rouge Regime. We have been able to access to education and professional employment. Critical thinking has been embedded into people’s mind and scholars are getting more and more on earth. It should be more than enough time that Cambodians have their own rights to pick up what to believe.

Citizens understand that sharing unofficial documents is not the prime effort to do, but this is the only choice. Isn’t it? If they don’t, who? Where can they get more information to compare besides going to read and watch foreign and international media? How much those foreign and international media report about Cambodia?

If local media provide enough local news to local people in various angles, Facebook is then useless in transporting inappropriate information. Don’t worry about Facebook, worry about giving enough, balance and transparent information to people.

Related example shown below was taken from Facebook:


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