Online Kidnaps

by Tith Chandra

This is not a new story. There were cases happened that people were scammed or blackmailed and forced to pay money via bank transfer. It transpired when someone is chatting with you and pretends like they want to date you out or else show their interest on you. They try to depict themselves into sexual scenes and probe you to strip off. The chat rooms are mostly via skype, google hangout and other applications available for video chats. The video of the chat room will be recorded. Once they get your naked video, they will try to accuse you on exposing sexual picture to the underage etc., and then ask you to transfer them money in return. The kidnap will never end up by paying only to a single person. You probably will need to pay to their boy/girl friends or fake relative times by times. If you don’t, video will be uploaded and shared online.


Personally, I was about to experience this once I was in Germany surfing the Internet alone in the room. It was a time when my Cambodian friends were all in bed and that was my first time for me abroad. They were all offline. Population of social media users was not that much back to 2010.

The age of about/ early 20 is a dangerous stage for the young to be passionate and curious about sex. I was not sure about those people at that time when they talk to me and use sexual wording on me. They asked me to go on skype and I did so (it happens when you feel bored and looking for friends to chat with). She actually showed her sexy body in front the little computer’s camera. I clearly saw it. I was suddenly so surprised that how such the depiction happened because I didn’t even know her name. I was so scared because I think I was young and too early for that. It seems like she made me scared of her. I drop the chat and said talk to you tomorrow. I have done a bit research on it and I happened to understand the case. I observed again tomorrow and next days. She turned out to be offline forever. Removed her from my list was the best way. I was lucky to escape from being a victim. If it happened, I didn’t even have such money to pay them or else let them post my naked video and see what happened next. But, I will never let this happen to the strangers.

Be careful when you go online and chat with unknown people. Do not expose yourself too much in to sex or sexual wordings and talk about it with those you might think they are kind of these people.

Never perform compromising acts in front of your webcam!

The video below is an example as a warning from Singapore.

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