“Bong, My Dad Passed Away”

That marked as a difficult situation in life I have never ever met, not hard but sad.  


This picture was taken on an over-path in Singapore just a moment before the bad news came. (Left to right – Dara, Seng, Seyla)

Singapore, 31 May, 2014 – I was on a trip to Singapore for an international youth programs (Singapore International Water Week, Young Water Leader Summit and SEAYEN7 meeting).  On the second day, I had a bit time left after dinner and I thought it should be a good time to go around with my dearest friend’s brother, SENG,  who is also in Singapore for his education. We went down the street with another closed friend of mine, SEYLA. We had learn about this young life abroad a lot since I felt that I care about him as my brother.

We were a bit exhausted after a long walk and we sat down in a shop, ordered food with drinks. In a sudden when our food arrived, Seng got a phone call from his sister. After ending the phone conversation,  his face was changed completely from normal. He sat down, looked at my face strangely and about to cry out then saying “Bong (older brother), my dad passed away”. I was like trying to hold my tear while seeing him, but I keep asking him to confirm again and again. We were so shocked to hear the news and then he bent down and cried.

We lost the mood to eat the food and we decided to pack up and back home. Seng was crying all the way while walking home and he kept complaining himself for not calling dad few days ago. SEYLA was carrying all the food while I was trying to warm SENG up. We then reached the hotel I stay for the event and I quickly booked a flight for him with some helps and guidance of my international friends. I have never done booking flight by myself. That was the first time I do it. After getting all that, I have to send SENG back to the apartment and stay with him overnight. We didn’t sleep that night. He kept crying softly all night long, but I didn’t know what to do beside saying  some words to warm him up.

My pitiful on him is that he is abroad alone while he is a minor. He kept saying thanks to me and said what if he didn’t meet at that time. he can’t imagine what he should do first. He was about to take exam in few days; then we talk to his teacher to delay the exam for him in a late night.


This is an early morning passengers on the MRT. I was writing this post on my mobile phone in the time this picture was taken.

We had to go to the airport early and I saw him off. In McDonald where we serve ourself as an early breakfast, I got my tear out when I saw his face and advised him to “Be Strong!”. Bro, I understand deeply how you feel. I am so sorry to hear that.

(This post is written via mobile on the MRT on the way back to the city in Singapore)

That day at the conference, I was the one getting so weak and felt that my head was about to go down.

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