You will feel an earthquake at Major Cineplex

Phnom Penh – Cinema 4DX has just firstly arrived Phnom Penh in August 2014 at Major Cineplex in AEON Mall. It was like more than awesome to me to sit on the comfortable quaking chair. I didn’t realized at all for the first time. I felt like was there an earthquake in Cambodia? And after awhile, I realized that is 4DX effects.

The film Hercules brought me a joyful moment with my friends. The price of the ticket is a bit high for Cambodians to afford, but for those who are able to make it and want to experience shaky cinema, I would recommend Major Cineplex at AEON mall. There are still some part of the effects need to be improved like the smoke and smell, but I feel it’s better than some abroad I had tried. My experience of watching movie, I was always felt into sleep for sometimes, but this time I didn’t feel heavy-eyed at all.

If you are Cambodian, you will never feel that you are sitting in a cinemain Cambodia.







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