Khminglish – Learn English neither to Be British nor American



By: Tith Chandara

In this modern age, we are about to have English as the main language for daily life. Most of the Y-Gens are expressing their behaviour in a manner that is not literally Cambodian, else other cultures they value. We observed that the youngs are speaking a very good English; same to their actions which were trained to be so or sometimes they pretend to look cool. Go with me and check whether this trend affects to Cambodia sociologically and culturally.

I have heard some words from those who graduated or even not from other countries express their dissatisfaction toward own society at the moment they were landed. “OMG! Cambodia is to hot”, for example. Leading to other social issues affiliated with the government administration, you can imagine how democracy and human right aspects come into places; and there are always tears where those words are.

Look back to history of Cambodia in the dark era and to why we fail to maintain the territory and power. If Cambodia (Khmer) were together as one, no other could break the kingdom into parts. It counts also the colonisation. For example, when someone plants rice on someone else’s land; he/she would never care about the future disruption of the soil. Likewise, if Cambodia is still not under Cambodia, we will never get back to who we were. If Cambodians still appreciate others than own country, we will never be stronger.

We learn to speak English; we don’t learn to be British nor American. Stay cool with who you are as Cambodian and appreciate ourselves. We all understand there are so many things to be improved. So, keep calm and use your profession to work on them.


This blog post is just a personal observation for thought. It doesn’t mean to offend anyone. Add more text in the comment if you have more ideas to share. Thank you. 




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