Dara works as an assistant lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication in Cambodia where he was pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in a scholarship program. He works in collaboration with media and responsible for public relation and outreach. This young Cambodian media practitioner has been working as a freelance reporter for a local English newspaper, the Phnom Penh Post. In 2010, he got a grant to intern in the press office of Care organization in Germany. After that he produced an environmental film about the impacts of plastic bags and he was selected to the Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award in Thailand. He has been coordinating projects and producing several films in different topics, but more on environment and education. Several awards are counted through his designs and creativities.

He has been attending several youth forums and conference, Youth Forum for Climate Action and Mountain Issues in Nepal, TUNZA conference in Indonesia, meetings and conferences in Europe and ASEAN countries with some other events toward his profession and future career as a professional media practitioner.

Reach him by:

tithchandara@gmail.com | Skype: tith_chandara | facebook | Linked In | Twitter |



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