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    “Bong, My Dad Passed Away”

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  • #PTINM

    #PTINM Pro HBD A-U-M

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  • SEAYEN 3

    SEAYEN Self-Video Contest

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    ASEAN+3 Youth Leaders for Water/Climate Change (Asia-Pacific Water Summit)

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  • Some of the media practitioners still feel that the print media is still survive. One confirmed that people might not able to look at computer screen all the time. SG-Tith Chandara

    What is the future of Print Media?

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  • In the computer lap, there are so many students are studying and doing there research quietly. We can access to the internet by using our user name and password. It works quite well. Students respect each other.

    You deserve my respect

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  • dsc00735

    Cliff of Glory

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